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Recycling- A Necessity!

Recycling- A Necessity!

               Students of class VII did a project on Recycling for which they collaborated with
              students of Knop Law Primary School, UK.

The following activities were conducted as part of the project.

During the introductory session the children watched different videos on YouTube on how different items such as glass, plastic, paper, cars, metal, etc is recycled and used in making useful things like houses, bus stops, boats, pen stands, pouches, pots and vases, etc.

Interaction with the garbage van driver

Students of class VII interacted with the Van driver who collects garbage from our school. They inquired about how they collect and dispose the garbage in the city.

‘ No Plastic Day ‘

Students explained how plastic is harming our environment during the school assembly and announced that we would  be observing a ‘No plastic Day’ on 15.12.16. All those who did not have plastic bags  with them would get a sticker designed by the students themselves. The ‘No Plastic Day’ was a great success. Students went around checking the bags of all the students and a note was sent to the parents of children who had a plastic bag by the “Plastic Police.”

Fieldtrip to ‘Recycling Paper Factory’

Students had a good learning experience when they visited a paper factory at Karjan. In the small unit there they saw how old paper and cardboard boxes are recycled and made into fine sheets of paper, which is rolled and packed to sell to the different furniture units that make mica or packaging material.

Exchange of  information on waste disposal with students in U.K

The students wrote letters to the students of a school in U.K informing them about their project and waste disposal process of our city and also asking them about their waste disposal system.

Best out of waste competition

‘Best out of Waste Competition’ was held where students were given an opportunity to use waste material and create something. They came up with different innovative ideas and created wonders.

Parents Visit

Parents were invited to take a look at the material made by their children during the best out of waste competition. They too enjoyed interacting with the children and viewing the creativity of their children.